NANMMA USA and Canada together presents a well-planned schedule of programs and competitions for our community during Ramadan amidst the Covid pandemic!


The mission of NANMMA Ramadan Youth Speech Contest is to provide our young contestants with a public opportunity to demonstrate their speaking skills as they imbibe Islamic values and ethical principles from an orator in Islam.

1. ELIGIBILITY: The contestant for this contest must meet the following criteria:

a) Must be between the ages of 15 and 24

b) Must have either parent belonging to Kerala Muslim origin

b) Should be a resident of USA/Canada 

2. CATEGORIES: Contestants will be divided into the following two categories:

Category 1: Ages between 15 and <20

Category 2: Ages between 20 and <25


a) Application Form (one per participant) must be submitted online using the link

b) Application Deadline: Applications must be received on or before Tuesday, May 12th, 2020.

4. SPEECH TOPICS: Speeches may cover any topic by one of the given orators in Islam (Yasir Qadhi/Yasmin Mogahed – for male and female contestants respectively).

 5. REGULATIONS: The objective of the contest is to emulate speaking skills from the above mentioned orators . In order to maintain a fair competition, speeches being delivered must be in accordance with any of their talks on social media. The contestant must try to incorporate the feel, the pull and the dynamism (also any fun) exhibited by the orator as much as possible. The reference link must be submitted along with the video recording of the speech in ‘landscape mode’. Portrait modes will not be accepted. Speeches cannot involve any audience as a part of the recording. 

6. TIME LIMIT: Speeches should be at least 15 minutes but no more than 30 minutes in length. 

 7. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Contestants are expected to submit the video recording of their oral presentation on or before Friday May 22nd 2020 along with the reference link of the speech by the orator. 

8. JUDGES: The contest judge panel will consist of three judges and their decision will be considered final.

9. JUDGEMENT CRITERIA: All contestants will be evaluated within their respective categories (category 1 or 2) regardless of age, gender or length of the speech within the specified limit.Contestants will be judged on speech content, organization and presentation in comparison with the submitted reference speech of the orator. More emphasis will be given to speech content and delivery than on grammar and pronunciation. While delivering speeches, contestants may use written material or a note card for quick reference or for back-up, but may not read from it. No editing or formatting of the video will be accepted. 


1st Place: $250 and certificate of achievement

2nd Place: $150 and certificate of achievement

3rd Place: $100 and certificate of achievement

All participants: Certificate of recognition. 

11. QUESTIONS: For more information, please contact Muhammed Thaha/Faheema Hassan at  with the Subject Line “Ramadan Speech Contest”.


Alhamdulillah! NANMMA has been successfully running Ramadan Short Lecture Series daily with renowned scholar and speaker Dr Zubair Hudawi Chekanur with an amazing number of attendees and awesome feedbacks! May Allah accept from us and reward Dr Zubair for taking the time to share his knowledge with us, Aameen. Below please find the playlist for the whole collection.

NANMMA USA presents Mental Health and Religion: Our Deen and us

Fear and anxiety has become overwhelming with the global spread of Covid-19 accompanied by breaking news that’s accessible to us at anytime, job uncertainties and likely shortages of various supplies. Coping with stress has become more crucial than ever to help us, our loved ones and our community become stronger. Acknowledging, identifying and working on mental distress during these uncertain times is key to lessening the impact. Please join Dr. Shabbir Amanullah as he addresses our concerns and unveils coping strategies to combat the strains on our mental health.
If you would like to submit a question before the event, please use the email.
Please use the link attached to join us on April 18 Saturday at 6 pm EST!!!


 North American Network of Malayalee Muslim Association (NANMMA) held its investiture ceremony for installing its new Board of Directors for the 2020-2022 term on April 11th, 2020. The grand convention planned at Dallas earlier was canceled in the wake of Covid-19 and a webinar session was held in its place.

    NANMMA Regional Delegates (NRD), current and new Executive Board of Directors (NBD), Activity Committee (NAC) leads, and Trustees (NTC) from the USA and Canada attended the virtual event. The turn of the first term brought a significant milestone—the formation of a new chapter of NANMMA Board of Directors in Canada.

    The event started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Rasheed K Mohamed, the outgoing Vice President followed by a heartwarming welcome message by our Chairman Samad Ponery. He highlighted that at a time of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this event is not a celebration but a fulfillment of our responsibilities towards our community with love, perseverance, and commitment. He reminded us of how the idea of forming an organization for the welfare of our community was born in 2015 through a WhatsApp group. This later lead to the formation of a structured organization with a legislative body and definite bylaws free from any political, religious, or social predisposition. He gave a modest briefing on how the NTC, Election commission, NBD were formed and have kept going forward unitedly to date. His special mention of the sad demise of our two brothers Rafeeque Octoberene and Abheesh and how NANMMA was at the forefront to sustain their families at the time of their suffering was indeed very touching and emotional. 

This was followed by Presidential address by outgoing President U A Naseer who spoke vividly on the great strides made by NANMMA in the past two years, including its flood relief efforts in Kerala, to emerge today as an organization with new hopes, energy, and dynamism. He informed us that various organizations and political parties in India expressed their concerns for our members when they come to know about the increasing Covid-19 cases in the USA. This is a result of how NANMMA has touched the hearts of the public through its tremendous services along with fostering and building a strong rapport with them.

Outgoing Secretary, Mehaboob Kizhakkepura then presented an operational report on various activities carried out by NANMMA beginning from the Convention held at Chicago in 2018. This gave birth to various activity groups like Faith and Family, Charity and Cause, Civic and Alliance, Guidance and Support clubs, Youth empowerment, Women empowerment, and several others. He also gave a compendious presentation on each of the activities.

This was followed by a comprehensive Finance Report by outgoing Treasurer, Niyaz Ahmed and outgoing Joint Treasurer Ajeeth Karedath, that included fund collection, allocation, and tax filing during their term. 

Dr. Moideen Moopan, an NTC member, then gave recognition to all the outgoing Directors of the NANMMA Board and accredited them for the outstanding and tremendous job that they have put forward during their tenure. The functioning of NANMMA as an institution has acquired newer dimensions towards the promotion of social welfare through an array of well-designed and structured programs.

Organizational Structure and Bylaw updates were then presented by Rasheed K Mohamed. Starting with the importance of a solid foundation and strong bylaws to provide essential guidelines to efficiently run an organization, he elaborated on the roles and responsibilities of the body of the Trustees Council, NBDs, and NRDs as well as the bylaw amendment plans for this term. 

NANMMA NTC member Shaheen A then detailed on the operational structure of the organization and the functioning of the activity leads. 

Then came in the exuberant moment of introduction of the new Board of Directors for both USA and Canada and swearing-in ceremony by NTC members Nirar Basheer and Sajeeb Koya.

The new NBD officially assumed their duty with the introduction of activity leads by the new NBD Executive President of Canada, Musthafa KP followed by the USA Executive President, Omar Sinaph. Both of them laid out the strategic objectives with long term and short term goals gearing towards the benefit of the community to help them in times of need and to enhance the standard of the community. 

USA President Omar Sinaph introduced the following members as Activity Leads for the term: Abdul Rasheed (Faith and Family Lead), Mohammed Muneer (Education Lead), Shafeek Abubaker (Civic and Alliance Lead) and Fysal Ponnambath (Charity and Cause Lead).

Canada President Musthafa K P introduced the following members as Activity Leads for the term: Arshad Salam (Interfaith Lead), Shajil Kunhumon (Faith and Family Lead), Shihab KV (Infrastructure Support Lead), Ansar M K (Civic Engagement Lead), Ansari Muhammed (Charity Lead) and Lubna Irfaz (Travel Club Lead).

Please click here to see all the members in the 2020-2021 Executive Team.

The event concluded with prayers by Muhammad Kamal with special remembrance of all the victims of Covid-19 when the entire global community is facing unprecedented challenges. 

The new NANMMA team has a major obligation during this global pandemic to handle lots of unmet needs above and beyond the usual. There is an overwhelming need to mitigate the consequences of the economic meltdown through lean times ahead and alleviate the upheaval felt by our community in the USA and Kerala.  Although new strategic plans and ideas have been proposed, the fundamental goals and objectives remain unchanged and unwavering. We’re confident that with the help and guidance of the Almighty the new committee will take the passion and commitment exhibited by our previous team to the next level as they execute the strategic plans for the enhancement of our community.

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