The mission of NANMMA Ramadan Youth Speech Contest is to provide our young contestants with a public opportunity to demonstrate their speaking skills as they imbibe Islamic values and ethical principles from an orator in Islam.

1. ELIGIBILITY: The contestant for this contest must meet the following criteria:

a) Must be between the ages of 15 and 24

b) Must have either parent belonging to Kerala Muslim origin

b) Should be a resident of USA/Canada 

2. CATEGORIES: Contestants will be divided into the following two categories:

Category 1: Ages between 15 and <20

Category 2: Ages between 20 and <25


a) Application Form (one per participant) must be submitted online using the link

b) Application Deadline: Applications must be received on or before Tuesday, May 12th, 2020.

4. SPEECH TOPICS: Speeches may cover any topic by one of the given orators in Islam (Yasir Qadhi/Yasmin Mogahed – for male and female contestants respectively).

 5. REGULATIONS: The objective of the contest is to emulate speaking skills from the above mentioned orators . In order to maintain a fair competition, speeches being delivered must be in accordance with any of their talks on social media. The contestant must try to incorporate the feel, the pull and the dynamism (also any fun) exhibited by the orator as much as possible. The reference link must be submitted along with the video recording of the speech in ‘landscape mode’. Portrait modes will not be accepted. Speeches cannot involve any audience as a part of the recording. 

6. TIME LIMIT: Speeches should be at least 15 minutes but no more than 30 minutes in length. 

 7. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Contestants are expected to submit the video recording of their oral presentation on or before Friday May 22nd 2020 along with the reference link of the speech by the orator. 

8. JUDGES: The contest judge panel will consist of three judges and their decision will be considered final.

9. JUDGEMENT CRITERIA: All contestants will be evaluated within their respective categories (category 1 or 2) regardless of age, gender or length of the speech within the specified limit.Contestants will be judged on speech content, organization and presentation in comparison with the submitted reference speech of the orator. More emphasis will be given to speech content and delivery than on grammar and pronunciation. While delivering speeches, contestants may use written material or a note card for quick reference or for back-up, but may not read from it. No editing or formatting of the video will be accepted. 


1st Place: $250 and certificate of achievement

2nd Place: $150 and certificate of achievement

3rd Place: $100 and certificate of achievement

All participants: Certificate of recognition. 

11. QUESTIONS: For more information, please contact Muhammed Thaha/Faheema Hassan at  with the Subject Line “Ramadan Speech Contest”.