NANMMA USA Inspire Inauguration by Dr Azad Moopen

Alhamdulillah! NANMMA is proud to launch a platform to support & connect budding entrepreneurs. This would help our community members with ideas to be connected with similar other people as well as with investors who are looking for ideas.  With this, we are officially launching NANMMA  INSPIRE – a Club to foster entrepreneurs.


Please check the below links for Malayalam Publications of our event:

‘നന്മ’ ഇന്‍സ്പയറിനു പ്രൗഢഗംഭീരമായ തുടക്കം




Ramadan this year has been different than it has been ever before. With Covid-19, most people except healthcare professionals and other essential workers were at home. Prayers during Ramadan, including taraweeh and qiyamullail typically held in mosques overflowing with worshipers, and also the Eid al-Fitr salah and festivities that follow were all held at home. NANMMA envisioned the situation and prepared itself with a month wherein NANMMA families could grow closer as one household finding their social calendars packed, not at onsite ifthar dinners and get-togethers but at an abundance of online offerings, instead. NANMMA compiled its master list to get a heads up on preparing for a Ramadan in quarantine, from kids daily programs to a variety of adult programs and classes that all could avail.

NANMMA members marked Ramadan 2020 as one of the most memorable one although it came when the coronavirus pandemic altered the rituals and rhythms of centuries-old traditions and practices.


  • NANMMA Daily short lecture series with Dr. Zubair Hudawi– Dr Zubair presented with reflections on variety of topics at 9 pm EST daily on google meet for 15 minutes which was followed by QA sessions that lasted for upto one hour on many days with an influx of questions on various aspects of life pouring in from the audience.

All the recordings are available on

  •  NANMMA Ramadan Daily Series – CURIOUS KIDS: ASK A SCHOLAR! As it’s imperative for our children to understand what Ramadan is all about and how it fits into the overall life of a Muslim, NANMMA initiated this program to involve children to feel the uniqueness of the holy month and understand the real purpose behind it. With free registration, a diversity of video recordings of kids asking variety of questions were answered by different Islamic scholars and speakers around the globe.


  •  NANMMA featured Islamic speeches with various speakers on different topics during weekend daytime hours which were also followed by long QA sessions.

Shaikh Ahmed Kutty

Simsarul haq

Aliyar Moulavi Al Qasimi

 Rashid Al Gazzali

 Hussain Madavoor


  • NANMMA hosted an array of competitions with lots of fabulous prizes for winners.

 Adult Category

Adult Quiz Competitions

Mehandi Designing


Speech Contest – Emulate the Speaking Skills of an Orator

Kids Category

Qiraath Competition

Azaan Competition

Eid Card Designing Competition

Mehandi Designing Competition

Judging is under process and NANMMA family is eagerly waiting for the results to be published.


In the wake of Covid-19, though the blanket shutdown has caused shortfall in expected income turning most to cost-saving maneuvers, NANMMA members were generous enough to donate to NANMMA to help support the needy. Many in our community have been hit hard by lay offs, reduction in wages, tuition fee and student loan payment challenges and more. Alhamdulillah, NANMMA was blessed to be able to guide and help them to the greatest extent possible.

 NANMMA Zakat and Sadaqa collection progressed all month long. Zakat-ul-Fitr was collected and distributed towards the end of the last 10 days. NANMMA Board Members and Charity team joined in reviewing and approving the large number of Zakat cases and different projects received.

NANMMA joined hands with KMCA (Kerala Muslim Community Association, San Francisco, Bay Area) to raise fund to support covid-19 victims across India. NANMMA wholeheartedly supported the cause and several regional delegates attended their live fundraising event.


While all NANMMA members prayed Eid salah at home and spend time with their families abiding by the social distancing rules and keeping away from any gatherings, NANMMA was steadfast on sharing the Eid spirit among its members.

We had two special guests, Minister KT Jaleel and Actor/Director/Singer Nadir Shah on the eve of Eid to wish NANMMA family a blessed Eid and wonderful time ahead. They also commended on the tremendous services done by NANMMA in the past two years and the strong rapport that NANMMA has built with various organizations and political parties in Kerala.

NANMMA featured a live interactive musical session with well-known and much loved Muslim singer, Ayisha Abdul Basith. Ayisha sang a set list of songs interposed by questions filled with fascination and admiration from her fans among the audience and also requests to sing particular songs.

This was followed by “Sneha Sallapam” a fun-filled chat with few of our  senior members namely Dr Moideen Moopen, Dr KM Mohiuddin, Dr TO Shanavas, Dr Abdul Karim, Dr Adoor Amanulla, Mrs. Mymoona Kutty, AM Nissar, Dr Shah Nawaz and Sh. Ahmed Kutty. They lovingly took us for a wonderful trip down the memory lane with lots of invaluable information to pass on to all generations to come.

 By the grace and blessings of Almighty, NANMMA was at its grandeur throughout to make Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr outstanding and extraordinary for all its members amid the Covid-19 hassles and uncertainties. Alhamdulillah a’la kull haal!

Please check the below links for our Ramadan 2020 Malayam Publications:

വേറിട്ട രീതിയില്‍ NANMMA ‘റമദാന്‍ 2020’ പരിപാടികള്‍ സംഘടിപ്പിച്ചു


The quality of innocence is the most beautiful part of a child’s appeal to us, something that most of us lose as we grow. And we all intuitively know that there’s an ocean of observation, in-depth learning and creativity behind this innocence.
During Ramadan, NANMMA came forward with the thought it’s imperative for our children to understand what Ramadan is all about and how it fits into the overall life of a Muslim. Therefore, NANMMA decided to involve our children to feel the uniqueness of this holy month and understand the real purpose behind it. With this was born the idea to get their questions about Ramadan answered by scholars!!!
Parents were required to register using the below link:  and shoot emails to with a Subject Line “*ASK A SCHOLAR*”
To listen to our kids being answered by great scholars, please view





NANMMA USA and Canada together presents a well-planned schedule of programs and competitions for our community during Ramadan amidst the Covid pandemic!


The mission of NANMMA Ramadan Youth Speech Contest is to provide our young contestants with a public opportunity to demonstrate their speaking skills as they imbibe Islamic values and ethical principles from an orator in Islam.

1. ELIGIBILITY: The contestant for this contest must meet the following criteria:

a) Must be between the ages of 15 and 24

b) Must have either parent belonging to Kerala Muslim origin

b) Should be a resident of USA/Canada 

2. CATEGORIES: Contestants will be divided into the following two categories:

Category 1: Ages between 15 and <20

Category 2: Ages between 20 and <25


a) Application Form (one per participant) must be submitted online using the link

b) Application Deadline: Applications must be received on or before Tuesday, May 12th, 2020.

4. SPEECH TOPICS: Speeches may cover any topic by one of the given orators in Islam (Yasir Qadhi/Yasmin Mogahed – for male and female contestants respectively).

 5. REGULATIONS: The objective of the contest is to emulate speaking skills from the above mentioned orators . In order to maintain a fair competition, speeches being delivered must be in accordance with any of their talks on social media. The contestant must try to incorporate the feel, the pull and the dynamism (also any fun) exhibited by the orator as much as possible. The reference link must be submitted along with the video recording of the speech in ‘landscape mode’. Portrait modes will not be accepted. Speeches cannot involve any audience as a part of the recording. 

6. TIME LIMIT: Speeches should be at least 15 minutes but no more than 30 minutes in length. 

 7. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Contestants are expected to submit the video recording of their oral presentation on or before Friday May 22nd 2020 along with the reference link of the speech by the orator. 

8. JUDGES: The contest judge panel will consist of three judges and their decision will be considered final.

9. JUDGEMENT CRITERIA: All contestants will be evaluated within their respective categories (category 1 or 2) regardless of age, gender or length of the speech within the specified limit.Contestants will be judged on speech content, organization and presentation in comparison with the submitted reference speech of the orator. More emphasis will be given to speech content and delivery than on grammar and pronunciation. While delivering speeches, contestants may use written material or a note card for quick reference or for back-up, but may not read from it. No editing or formatting of the video will be accepted. 


1st Place: $250 and certificate of achievement

2nd Place: $150 and certificate of achievement

3rd Place: $100 and certificate of achievement

All participants: Certificate of recognition. 

11. QUESTIONS: For more information, please contact Muhammed Thaha/Faheema Hassan at  with the Subject Line “Ramadan Speech Contest”.


Alhamdulillah! NANMMA has been successfully running Ramadan Short Lecture Series daily with renowned scholar and speaker Dr Zubair Hudawi Chekanur with an amazing number of attendees and awesome feedbacks! May Allah accept from us and reward Dr Zubair for taking the time to share his knowledge with us, Aameen. Below please find the playlist for the whole collection.